Who Said This?

Who said this, “Trump may not be good for America but its damn good for CBS, it’s going to be a very good year for us, bring it on Donald, go ahead, and keep going”? The CBS chair, the big kahuna, the CEO himself, Les Moonves.  Les was as giddy as a 12 year old receiving the awesome news they just won class presidency!  He and the stockholders in the room winced and chuckles on his mused reflections of all the tens of millions of profit CBS will rake in while exportation of the unhinged wealthy, or not, Manhattan candidate.

Les’ callous, self-centered remarks at the stockholder meeting has morphed the news echo chamber into 24/7 relentless main stream and cable media’s, Trump reality POTUS spoof on the American people for more than eight months, disgusting!

CBS and other affiliates had this man-child figured-out early on during the primaries running up to the general election. The con was so obvious, the Russian oligarchy wanted get in on this syndication of exportation by calling in their marker (Trump).  Trump is so beholden financially to the little Russian bear Putin, he became complicit to the hired underground hackers and fake news and cyber malware incubators set up too manipulate the American election process.

Everybody benefited from the Trump Gate scam except for 52% of the electors.

The other forty-eight percent believe this corporate, a-political outsider; regardless of his moral turpitude flaws would actually drain the swamp of the Wall Street capitalist and really Make American Great Again. And now we know, all of his campaign promises were either broken or did not pass Senate legislation.  The Trump machine and his White House henchmen followers has put a stain on American democracy and how we are perceived by our allies an adversities throughout the world.  As Obama said “don’t muck it up” well the Trump Administration did, in more ways than you can imagine!

Donald pledged he would “drain the swamp” and rid us of Hillary’s Wall Street conies. Trump did a Wall Street double-split, for every one (1) corporate Capital Hill billionaire he replaced them with four (4) swamp capitalist rhinos; collaborators and conspirators strait from the white sands of Kuwait oil fields negotiations and the inter-sanctum of Putin’s Kremlin.  The Donald, criticized the North American Free Trade Agreement being his first Signing Statement and immediately placed a ban on NAFTA. Now, He and the GOP are making plans to lift the Ban with essential changes in place and tying NAFTA to Trans-Pacific-Partnership TPP agreement. Essentials: get rid of the investor incentives (tax breaks) when sending jobs off shore; get rid of off shore investor bank accounts and mandate  reinvestment dollars in American manufacturing and industry; mandate solid Environmental Labor and Wage standards with strong enforcement before the agreement is solidified.    Oops, if the changes of the NAFTA swindle are implicated, what will Ivanka and daddy Trump do about those off shore accounts in Cayman’s, Putin owned banks, sweat shop clothing industries in the third-world counties, and Mexico and Canada?

Let’s not forget about his immigration fix south of the border, “down Mexico way”, that great big wall and beautiful door will keep out those criminals from coming into our country, and “make America Great, Again”!  Trump did get a split decision on the terrorist targeted “no fly” Muslim counties, but lost control over denying American Muslim’s from leaving and returning to the thirteen designated counties. Curiously, Muslim counties not on the “no fly” list are sovereign states where The Donald has real estate holdings.

Who knew, before and now, and the perceived vanguard, did? Putin( puppet master), FBI, Comey (fired), Senator McConnell (collusion), Jefferson B. Cessions (collusion), Senior WH Aid, Steve Bannon(conclusion/fired), Jared

Kushner(collusion/planner/organizer), Ivanka(whatever Daddy says), and Donald Trump, Jr. (collusion/Daddy’s fall-guy), and finally, Robert Muller, Special Independent Counsel, ( great white hope) connecting the dots; hopefully all leaks, emails and American Election hacking leads to KGB Kremlin’s door! Like the canary in the mine shaft dies from loss of oxygen, then we will know as Americans; the CBS media mogul rejoicing over the profits he and his stockholder raked in by giving Donald Trump prime time coverage on the chaff for more than a year. At that moment, Les Moonves, sucked the air out of political discourse and unwittily fractured our democracy and republic which caused part of our American lexicon to come full circle with multiple factions fostered by either well intended or greedy corporate media moguls or Alt-Right Protagonists.

Unless we cut good political timber from the best and brightest candidates with new vision too move our 241-year Constitution forward, the embers will eventually burn out regardless how many times we stoke the same outdated ideas and fossil fuel mentality.

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