With all the enigmas in our life time, The Donald, the American riddle has changed national and local politics forever. Day One, as President, with advice from Chief Advisor, Bannon, Trump filed for his 2020 reelection campaign, and guess who else submitted an application for the highest political office during the first 100-days, Vice President, Pence? That’s an enigma within itself – very suspect; usually the VP is supportive of the President reelection efforts!

Here’s another enigma, Rex Tillerson and Trump’s battle of words- Tillerson, Secretary of State called the President an idiot, excuse me, a moron! No, I opt for an Idiot; one incapable of learning connective speech, an imbecile, a blockhead. To indict Trumps behavior as 7 to 12 year olds mental retardation is offensive to the poor defenseless handicapped challenged population.

The Donald said; “it’s probably fake news but if he did that, I guess we will have to compare IQ tests – and I can tell you who is going to win.”

That’s an easy one, Donald, Rex and 65% of the American public that has an unfavorable opinion of your performance during the past eight months!

Kim Jong Un and Trumps playground nuclear football squabble pushing the envelope towards world mass destruction. Apart from a real threat that took place during the 13 days of fear with Nikita Khrushchev and John Fitzgerald Kennedy, JFK, where there was real missile photograph evidence in Cuba.

Whereas, Kim Un and The Donald’s childish rants qualify as another Trump administration enigma!

Outside of Andrew Jackson, one of the worse Presidents’ ever, cited by many historians; and you’d guess it, Donald’s hero! Jackson’s painting is prominently hung in the Oval Office. He was a Native American land-grabbing “Trail of Tears” profiteer during and after his elected stay, as the Command in Chief, 1829 through 1837.  Signed the Indian Removal Act, 1830 with the authority of Congress to drive the Native American west over a period of ten years from their sacred lands of Georgia, North Carolina, Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida.

Easy pickings for commercial cotton plutocrats and corrupt Politians!

The Donald has a similar profile as Jackson that had a history of fighting  with his cabinet appointments, Congress, and media outlets (newspapers, ticker tape, and Western Union type communications), as our modern day Commander in Chief with his ongoing Russia gate saga and Whitehouse senior staff and cabinet member scandals.

If the shoe fits it has to be Cinder fellow, the enigma – Trump!

More enigmas: taxes cuts on the very wealthy and increase taxes by 2% of the poorest amongst us- tax payers already trying to survive while working two jobs with low wages.

Repeal Obama Care- helps approximately 20 million with Medicaid and subsidies costs that most southern states cannot afford.

Cutting funds for FEMA, EPA, Science programs, disaster relief by 8 billion while allocating 6.4 billion to Puerto Rico.

I call this political insanity Enigma on steroids!

So America, what is the hint to solve the enigma puzzle?

Or do we settle for the missing piece to the puzzle which happens to be the Enigma himself, President Donald Trump?

The enigma solution is in the hands of every American by taking your first step to freedom from election voter suppression, hacking, and Gerrymandering. During the midterm election 2018, go to the polls in groves, and swing the election in the direction that will help spread our tax payer wealth to all Americans, not just the few!

Does History Repeat Itself?



Does History Repeat Itself?

Over Sixty-three years ago during the harden Cold War between Soviet Union (Russia) and the United States, President Eisenhower openly supported South Vietnam’s Diem regime. President Diem took a hard stand against his Communist enemy north of the 17th Parallel carved out by the 1954 Geneva convention treaty.  The treaty called for reunification to be held during 1956.

Paul Harvey use to say: “now here’s the rest of the story”!

As history has wrote, United States once again, ended up on the wrong side of its government decision made by our Commander in Chief.

Months after the treaty was signed and with direct cooperation from the Oval Office, U.S. Military, and Central Intelligent Agency (CIA); our trusted ally President Diem arrested infiltrated Viet Minh Communist sympathizers by the 100’s of thousands and either tortured or executed them. Thus, essentially nullifying the treaty and committed too an unholy alliance as a codependent nation caught in a quagmire not knowing whether to cut and run or stay and prolong the civil war between people of common ancestry.

Meanwhile, North Vietnam organized fraction began attacking Diem’s government officials, and other infrastructure targets between 1957 thru 1958. Then, the Viet Cong fractions started heavy fire fights with the South Vietnamese army which triggered White House concerns that the organized guerrillas were puppets of Hanoi.

Finally, the U.S. got there first correct assessment for the team, and again, another chance to open new negotiations, but, it slipped away without a murmur from the Oval Office.

What’s the secondary gain here? Is it money or power by the Industrial Complex? I vote for both of those options!

The fire fights continue during the end of Eisenhower last term and through two years of JFK’s when he deployed another nine thousand troops bringing the total to 9,800.

The unofficial phrase for this finite infusion of mostly enlisted Army service personnel; Military Envoy Observers!

Little did I or anybody else know of the Coup-d’état assassination of South Vietnam’s President Diem and brother by the hands of his generals. Most of us born prior to nineteen fifth-two can instantly recall what they were doing when real time morphed into “slow-mo-speed” November 22, 1963, the day the world cried!

Just out of boot-camp, on a 30-day furlough leave with my new assignment orders. Walking from the kitchen to the living room in second story apartment, I heard, breaking news from a local reported “President Kennedy has been shot in Dallas”! It was surreal, standing dumb-founded, my brain trying to understand what my lying ears are telling me. The rest of my leave was like reading a bad “Gum Shoe” novel with a cast of characters: Dallas police, JFK accused assassin Oswald, assassin Frank Ruby; witnessed in real time by the world, shot Lee Harvey Oswald to death in the Dallas police department corridor.

You might think a rational head of State; our new Commander in Chief, Lyndon Johnson, would take this time in mourning, a fallen patriot, and opt to negotiate a cease fire with the Viet Cong. Our President by default should have done a Texas two-step, and call it American diplomacy, and declare a victory.

Within a couple of weeks of the American tragedy, I caught a hop (flight) from El Tore Base to Anchorage, Alaska, to refill, then on to Yokosuka, Japan assigned to a “Tin Can”, a Pacific Fleet Destroyer.

Meanwhile, the ground war was furnishing with President Johnson quadrupling the deployment size of the troops after the Gulf of Tonkin where the USS Maddox was on patrol in the Gulf near the Vietnamese coast north of the DMZ and Chinese border.

The Ticonderoga air craft carrier was located approximately 480 kilometers ready to send F8 Crusaders jets for air cover. The Captain of the Maddox saw three North Vietnam torpedo gun boats following  him during their clandestine radar and ease-dropping campaign against the North Vietnamese forces communications.

The Maddox fired first from a distance of 10,000 yards over the torpedo boats and they retaliated and launched three torpedoes, of the three, two missed and the other one hit the destroyer, but did not detonate. The Maddox returned fire and severely damaged two of the boats and destroyed the third one, burning, and dead in the water. {US Navy Institute, NSA 2005-2006 Docs}.

I’m starting to see similarities of what’s happening in the South China Sea, in contrast to the Maddox incident; the shot heard around the world, and eventually killed, and maimed over 4 million people probably looking forward to a safe life, whether mundane or prosperous!

Fast forward to 2017!

What’s wrong with this picture, America?

The Ronald Reagan Air Craft Carrier is patrolling the South China Sea with 60-70, F18 Hornets; 100-150 sorties every day. Chinese and Japanese frigates and destroyers are cruising around in close proximity to the Carrier.

Why are the Chinese and Japanese vessels (so-called ally) just a torpedo lob away from our state-of-art Carrier. Why aren’t the frigates and destroyers hugging the coast in East China Sea or the Sea of Japan rather than becoming our personal escorts?

Do they anticipate a triangulation maneuver by “The Donald” knowing the 7th US Naval Fleet is now enroute as our backup?

Are they worried he might take our F18 Hornet’s and bomb the B-Jesus out of North Korea’s “nuke” targets? With all our nuclear missiles, Naval, Air and Military troop superiority, there’s no need to fear: history will not repeat itself with “The Donald” first strike across the bow of North Korea.

Let us all take a deep breath, and remind ourselves, President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un may just be playing to their base?

Could it be, China and Japan has intel the rest of the civilized world is not aware of; intercepting cyber chatter about Pyongyang’s missile tests, were less of a threat to China and Japan, and more of puffing and thumping of the chest from kid Kim? Whereas, the Chinese and Japanese government may perceive, the Trump Administration (General’s included) do less puffing and thumping and more of an unrestrained shoot from the hip approach.

This scenario makes more sense to the question why United State Asian counterparts are staying close to the Reagan Carrier in the South China Sea? Like jackals, lay in wait, for a chance to take down the prey when it stumbles and falls!


Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop

Do you sometimes feel like an icon, dragged and dropped into a cyber sphere worm hole ending up on an alternative universe, living your life as a political junky through the prisms of adulterated fake and vetted news? In this new universe we are easily manipulate at will and pushed around by the daily agenda usually initiated by Capitol Hill and the White House administration.

Not since “yellow Journalism” perpetrated by William Randolph Hearst accused of starting the Spanish-American War by publishing photos and fake newspaper stories of a Spanish conspiracy blowing up the USS Maine in the Cuba harbor. Today, our leader has taken digital communication with his Armada of 10,000 tweets, flying the banner of fake news over 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for the whole world to see.

Like Hearst, “The Donald” has single handedly engaged in a war of words by pushing the envelope with Kim Jong Un, “we will destroy North Korea” if they don’t de-nuclearize its arsenal! President Trump has decided he wants to win regardless of the cost. United States has tens of thousands of American personnel in South Korea. North Korea missiles are twenty-two miles from the demilitarized zone, with hundreds of short range and large cannons mounted in the hills ready to be launched in minutes and take aim at the heart of Seoul.

President Moon Jae-in (conservative) is not taking a hard stand against his northern neighbor “rocket man”, (a juvenile term coined by Trump) that recently fired off his weapons of mass destruction with distance capabilities of 3,700 miles; a World War III threat to United States naval fleet and air force bases located in and around the Japanese Islands and vicinity. As well as, main land China, Philippines, Taiwan, and Hong Kong are vulnerable societies in the cross hairs of a paranoid sociopath, most likely have no problem launching targeted missiles causing massive destruction on populated cities. Like his dictator father prior to his reign of power (handed down family dictatorial mantle) he assassinated extended family members and military rivals.

Did Kim have his brother-in-law and uncle killed over an attempt of a military coup de’ tat to bring down his paranoid regime?

Kim and The Donald had mirrored childhoods; authoritarian fathers, sheltered adultescence, paranoid environment, inherited estates, and an oligarchical approach in their life style.

They are flawed factions of their societies with big egos and thin skin veneers ready to shoot from the hip with a war of words without caring about the unintended consequences usually found in teen-agers, medically concluded, the cortex is still not fully developed. On the world stage, and expense of total mass destruction of the alternative universe, icons; Kim Jong Un and “The Donald” are firing barbs back in forth as if they were two bullies in the playground taunting hypo verbalizes jabs while pacing in front of each other, like Banty roosters, knowing, neither one will attack.

It’s their inherit posture, their best of show, puffing, intimidation tactics; tiered incompetence, shallowness, and social insecurity might unmask their intellectual terror that the world will find out the small mouse-men they are.

No offense to the mice population!

So it’s time for all fence sitter, icons, living obliviously, in this alternative universe, to bring them back to reality, and drop an election registrar application in their laps for a second chance to grab hold of our free vestige as Americans, embodied in the fifteenth, nineteenth, twenty-forth, and twenty-sixth Amendments of the Constitution. By exercising our “Rule of Law” vote; releasing the shackles on suffrage we currently endure by unhinged “strong men” trying to recoup the lost childhood deprived by their patriarch authoritarian fathers, at the cost of innocent “icon” victims; dragged and dropped into a potential destructive inferno over a childish playground power squabble!


Who Said This?

Who said this, “Trump may not be good for America but its damn good for CBS, it’s going to be a very good year for us, bring it on Donald, go ahead, and keep going”? The CBS chair, the big kahuna, the CEO himself, Les Moonves.  Les was as giddy as a 12 year old receiving the awesome news they just won class presidency!  He and the stockholders in the room winced and chuckles on his mused reflections of all the tens of millions of profit CBS will rake in while exportation of the unhinged wealthy, or not, Manhattan candidate.

Les’ callous, self-centered remarks at the stockholder meeting has morphed the news echo chamber into 24/7 relentless main stream and cable media’s, Trump reality POTUS spoof on the American people for more than eight months, disgusting!

CBS and other affiliates had this man-child figured-out early on during the primaries running up to the general election. The con was so obvious, the Russian oligarchy wanted get in on this syndication of exportation by calling in their marker (Trump).  Trump is so beholden financially to the little Russian bear Putin, he became complicit to the hired underground hackers and fake news and cyber malware incubators set up too manipulate the American election process.

Everybody benefited from the Trump Gate scam except for 52% of the electors.

The other forty-eight percent believe this corporate, a-political outsider; regardless of his moral turpitude flaws would actually drain the swamp of the Wall Street capitalist and really Make American Great Again. And now we know, all of his campaign promises were either broken or did not pass Senate legislation.  The Trump machine and his White House henchmen followers has put a stain on American democracy and how we are perceived by our allies an adversities throughout the world.  As Obama said “don’t muck it up” well the Trump Administration did, in more ways than you can imagine!

Donald pledged he would “drain the swamp” and rid us of Hillary’s Wall Street conies. Trump did a Wall Street double-split, for every one (1) corporate Capital Hill billionaire he replaced them with four (4) swamp capitalist rhinos; collaborators and conspirators strait from the white sands of Kuwait oil fields negotiations and the inter-sanctum of Putin’s Kremlin.  The Donald, criticized the North American Free Trade Agreement being his first Signing Statement and immediately placed a ban on NAFTA. Now, He and the GOP are making plans to lift the Ban with essential changes in place and tying NAFTA to Trans-Pacific-Partnership TPP agreement. Essentials: get rid of the investor incentives (tax breaks) when sending jobs off shore; get rid of off shore investor bank accounts and mandate  reinvestment dollars in American manufacturing and industry; mandate solid Environmental Labor and Wage standards with strong enforcement before the agreement is solidified.    Oops, if the changes of the NAFTA swindle are implicated, what will Ivanka and daddy Trump do about those off shore accounts in Cayman’s, Putin owned banks, sweat shop clothing industries in the third-world counties, and Mexico and Canada?

Let’s not forget about his immigration fix south of the border, “down Mexico way”, that great big wall and beautiful door will keep out those criminals from coming into our country, and “make America Great, Again”!  Trump did get a split decision on the terrorist targeted “no fly” Muslim counties, but lost control over denying American Muslim’s from leaving and returning to the thirteen designated counties. Curiously, Muslim counties not on the “no fly” list are sovereign states where The Donald has real estate holdings.

Who knew, before and now, and the perceived vanguard, did? Putin( puppet master), FBI, Comey (fired), Senator McConnell (collusion), Jefferson B. Cessions (collusion), Senior WH Aid, Steve Bannon(conclusion/fired), Jared

Kushner(collusion/planner/organizer), Ivanka(whatever Daddy says), and Donald Trump, Jr. (collusion/Daddy’s fall-guy), and finally, Robert Muller, Special Independent Counsel, ( great white hope) connecting the dots; hopefully all leaks, emails and American Election hacking leads to KGB Kremlin’s door! Like the canary in the mine shaft dies from loss of oxygen, then we will know as Americans; the CBS media mogul rejoicing over the profits he and his stockholder raked in by giving Donald Trump prime time coverage on the chaff for more than a year. At that moment, Les Moonves, sucked the air out of political discourse and unwittily fractured our democracy and republic which caused part of our American lexicon to come full circle with multiple factions fostered by either well intended or greedy corporate media moguls or Alt-Right Protagonists.

Unless we cut good political timber from the best and brightest candidates with new vision too move our 241-year Constitution forward, the embers will eventually burn out regardless how many times we stoke the same outdated ideas and fossil fuel mentality.

Like Benedict Arnold

Like Benedict Arnold, Trump has demonstrated troubled erratic mood swings whether calculated or mental psychosis that eventually drove a wedge between his contemporaries; Benedict Arnold: George Washington and the Continental Congress during Revolutionary War!

Trump: The Rockefeller-type, Main Street fiscal Conservatives, and John McCain, Wall Street plutocrats; by embracing the “thuggery” of the radical Tea Party express!

Like General Arnold, “The Donald’s” hair-pin trigger finger, emotional by-polar-type state, has unraveled the disciplined  fabric of the “Party of Lincoln” and may have negatively impacted the future of the Republican National Party for decades.

Is Trump the modern-day Benedict Arnold?

Arnold was the first recorded American traitor to compose a plan for the surrender of West Point under his command and with British Major Andre’, conspirator.

Fortunately, the plot was foiled by the Brit’s , capture and revealed the traitor’s correspondents, and his demise by hanging!

Benedict Arnold apparently had a conscience: he knew by saying and doing traitorous deeds, are beyond the pale, especially when he sabotaged the nations trust, and when Arnold learned the news of his collator’s fate, he abandoned his command and slithered down river to the enemy’s safe harbor.

Whereas, the Donald seemingly is absent of conscience and remorse because of his past offensive words and perceived traitorous overture to the Russian foreign adversary to perpetrate indefensible harm to our Republic and Homeland security with server intrusion from the Russian Government.

Granted, there were two other previous Republican nominees and Presidents prior to the Donald; Richard Millhouse Nixon and the “great communicator” Ronald Reagan involved in conspiracies. Ronny illicitly negotiated the release of the hostages by the Ayatollah Khomeini after Reagan’s sworn in ceremony as President of the United States.

And, let us not forget “Tricky Dick” Nixon – he managed a coup’ with the South Vietnamese’s President not to sign President Johnson’s Peace Agreement with the North Viet Cong in order to end the thankless Vietnam War.

Sadly 58,000 U.S. service personnel lost their lives, for what?

President Dwight Eisenhower, POTUS, knew for what the Military Industrial Complex would bring to the table of the corporate capitalist ; he said these brilliant words prior to the thick of the Vietnam Conflict, 1965-74.

He said in his farewell speech prior to leaving office, 1961 “Beware of the Military-Industrial complex”.  He knew everything in the industrial complex world is elevated to Power and Money – money for military spending, money for political campaigns, lobbyist money, corporations, and defense contractors.

So did Trump by exposing his selfish vindictive condescending authoritarian attitude calling out Putin’s government hackers to revisit our Homeland Security and Hillary’s e-mail servers and release more of “no there, there” correspondents?

Does his remark fall under the umbrella of “high crimes and misdemeanors” or bad 140 character less judgement?

The truth of our underlining democracy is couched by the Constitution’s effectiveness of “Freedom of Speech” along with its bundle of Rights that allows flawed citizens and candidates to participate in the process, and it behooves each one of us to rationally breakdown these caveats most favorable to the majority, not the minority of the population.

It seems difficult for some of us and it is very complicated with little satisfaction for others!

Ideally speaking, the Constitution has endured over 240 years, still breathing, intact and counting, but, threatened by Men and Women instituted with just derived powers given to them from the governed (citizens) does appear to have reached a tipping point of what path the three branches of government: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial will take.

So, with our limited forecasting process of future events, the complexity of politics is not summed up on a banner of slogans or whether Trump  is a modern-day Benedict Arnold by his political ignorance  stifling the American promise under the “Rule of Law” set forth within the Constitution, but rather consider this: there’s more value in one intelligent vote, than the sum of all fragmented parts of the misinformed constituent.