My Valentine!

Happy Valentine day, did you give your favorite love-one a box of chocolates, a large ticket item, or a hug and a squeeze? I know someone that stole our heart, soul, and vote last year, and is ramping up to do it again 2018- that’s right, you guess it, the little brown bear, Putin and his merry men of the Kremlin!

One thing for sure, he seduced, Heir Trump, by stroking his loins: so how do the Russian’s say prostitute; women of the night?

But Trump’s search for real love from women of Moscow – only in Trumps head; is a romantic rump-romp rendezvous in a five star hotel lasting for more than a one-night-stand! This porno liaison was long or short enough for Vladimir Putin and his Hench men to watch a full blown blackmail video while clicking their cognac glasses in salute to the American patsy.

The Kremlin Authoritarian and his inner circle lackeys broke out in infectious laughter belting out “we love this America”!

But Putin didn’t want to share his love for only “The Donald” he decided to build a love cyber propaganda room for the American voters, that flooded fake articles and ads onto YouTube, Instagram, Google, and Facebook and cripple Hillary’s chance to become POTUS 45; he did this for his boy toy, and heart throb; Donald Trump!

Mr. President, here’s my Valentine to you Conrad, and how do you say it, my BFF?

My Brethren and Conrad, I send you this Valentine, how do you say, with love?!

I was there for you when you wanted political and financial support, at any cost! You, in turn, showed me your love by opening up the doors of the Oval Office Whitehouse and Mar-a-Largo to my Kremlin Envoys and lifting all sanctions from POTUS 44, that Kenya born occupant; your words not mind, Ha-ha! Conrad, you got the best words!

I love all of the secret phone calls (eight now but who’s counting), my Valentine. Please forgive me about all of the leaks from the Kremlin. I want to keep all of our calls from anybody’s ears, but yours, my American Valentine.

Please give my Conrad’s Ryan and McConnell a good old fashion  hug and kiss for me and one more for my Russian nation?

Your people and mine also call McConnell, the turtle – but that’s good! We love hot turtle soup on these cold February nights, ha-ha!

You and your leadership have been so supportive and some day you can share all of your FBI, CIA, and Homeland Security secrets with me, and I’m sure I will make it good for you, personally.

Your Valentine, Vladimir Putin


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