Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop

Do you sometimes feel like an icon, dragged and dropped into a cyber sphere worm hole ending up on an alternative universe, living your life as a political junky through the prisms of adulterated fake and vetted news? In this new universe we are easily manipulate at will and pushed around by the daily agenda usually initiated by Capitol Hill and the White House administration.

Not since “yellow Journalism” perpetrated by William Randolph Hearst accused of starting the Spanish-American War by publishing photos and fake newspaper stories of a Spanish conspiracy blowing up the USS Maine in the Cuba harbor. Today, our leader has taken digital communication with his Armada of 10,000 tweets, flying the banner of fake news over 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for the whole world to see.

Like Hearst, “The Donald” has single handedly engaged in a war of words by pushing the envelope with Kim Jong Un, “we will destroy North Korea” if they don’t de-nuclearize its arsenal! President Trump has decided he wants to win regardless of the cost. United States has tens of thousands of American personnel in South Korea. North Korea missiles are twenty-two miles from the demilitarized zone, with hundreds of short range and large cannons mounted in the hills ready to be launched in minutes and take aim at the heart of Seoul.

President Moon Jae-in (conservative) is not taking a hard stand against his northern neighbor “rocket man”, (a juvenile term coined by Trump) that recently fired off his weapons of mass destruction with distance capabilities of 3,700 miles; a World War III threat to United States naval fleet and air force bases located in and around the Japanese Islands and vicinity. As well as, main land China, Philippines, Taiwan, and Hong Kong are vulnerable societies in the cross hairs of a paranoid sociopath, most likely have no problem launching targeted missiles causing massive destruction on populated cities. Like his dictator father prior to his reign of power (handed down family dictatorial mantle) he assassinated extended family members and military rivals.

Did Kim have his brother-in-law and uncle killed over an attempt of a military coup de’ tat to bring down his paranoid regime?

Kim and The Donald had mirrored childhoods; authoritarian fathers, sheltered adultescence, paranoid environment, inherited estates, and an oligarchical approach in their life style.

They are flawed factions of their societies with big egos and thin skin veneers ready to shoot from the hip with a war of words without caring about the unintended consequences usually found in teen-agers, medically concluded, the cortex is still not fully developed. On the world stage, and expense of total mass destruction of the alternative universe, icons; Kim Jong Un and “The Donald” are firing barbs back in forth as if they were two bullies in the playground taunting hypo verbalizes jabs while pacing in front of each other, like Banty roosters, knowing, neither one will attack.

It’s their inherit posture, their best of show, puffing, intimidation tactics; tiered incompetence, shallowness, and social insecurity might unmask their intellectual terror that the world will find out the small mouse-men they are.

No offense to the mice population!

So it’s time for all fence sitter, icons, living obliviously, in this alternative universe, to bring them back to reality, and drop an election registrar application in their laps for a second chance to grab hold of our free vestige as Americans, embodied in the fifteenth, nineteenth, twenty-forth, and twenty-sixth Amendments of the Constitution. By exercising our “Rule of Law” vote; releasing the shackles on suffrage we currently endure by unhinged “strong men” trying to recoup the lost childhood deprived by their patriarch authoritarian fathers, at the cost of innocent “icon” victims; dragged and dropped into a potential destructive inferno over a childish playground power squabble!


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