Does History Repeat Itself?



Does History Repeat Itself?

Over Sixty-three years ago during the harden Cold War between Soviet Union (Russia) and the United States, President Eisenhower openly supported South Vietnam’s Diem regime. President Diem took a hard stand against his Communist enemy north of the 17th Parallel carved out by the 1954 Geneva convention treaty.  The treaty called for reunification to be held during 1956.

Paul Harvey use to say: “now here’s the rest of the story”!

As history has wrote, United States once again, ended up on the wrong side of its government decision made by our Commander in Chief.

Months after the treaty was signed and with direct cooperation from the Oval Office, U.S. Military, and Central Intelligent Agency (CIA); our trusted ally President Diem arrested infiltrated Viet Minh Communist sympathizers by the 100’s of thousands and either tortured or executed them. Thus, essentially nullifying the treaty and committed too an unholy alliance as a codependent nation caught in a quagmire not knowing whether to cut and run or stay and prolong the civil war between people of common ancestry.

Meanwhile, North Vietnam organized fraction began attacking Diem’s government officials, and other infrastructure targets between 1957 thru 1958. Then, the Viet Cong fractions started heavy fire fights with the South Vietnamese army which triggered White House concerns that the organized guerrillas were puppets of Hanoi.

Finally, the U.S. got there first correct assessment for the team, and again, another chance to open new negotiations, but, it slipped away without a murmur from the Oval Office.

What’s the secondary gain here? Is it money or power by the Industrial Complex? I vote for both of those options!

The fire fights continue during the end of Eisenhower last term and through two years of JFK’s when he deployed another nine thousand troops bringing the total to 9,800.

The unofficial phrase for this finite infusion of mostly enlisted Army service personnel; Military Envoy Observers!

Little did I or anybody else know of the Coup-d’état assassination of South Vietnam’s President Diem and brother by the hands of his generals. Most of us born prior to nineteen fifth-two can instantly recall what they were doing when real time morphed into “slow-mo-speed” November 22, 1963, the day the world cried!

Just out of boot-camp, on a 30-day furlough leave with my new assignment orders. Walking from the kitchen to the living room in second story apartment, I heard, breaking news from a local reported “President Kennedy has been shot in Dallas”! It was surreal, standing dumb-founded, my brain trying to understand what my lying ears are telling me. The rest of my leave was like reading a bad “Gum Shoe” novel with a cast of characters: Dallas police, JFK accused assassin Oswald, assassin Frank Ruby; witnessed in real time by the world, shot Lee Harvey Oswald to death in the Dallas police department corridor.

You might think a rational head of State; our new Commander in Chief, Lyndon Johnson, would take this time in mourning, a fallen patriot, and opt to negotiate a cease fire with the Viet Cong. Our President by default should have done a Texas two-step, and call it American diplomacy, and declare a victory.

Within a couple of weeks of the American tragedy, I caught a hop (flight) from El Tore Base to Anchorage, Alaska, to refill, then on to Yokosuka, Japan assigned to a “Tin Can”, a Pacific Fleet Destroyer.

Meanwhile, the ground war was furnishing with President Johnson quadrupling the deployment size of the troops after the Gulf of Tonkin where the USS Maddox was on patrol in the Gulf near the Vietnamese coast north of the DMZ and Chinese border.

The Ticonderoga air craft carrier was located approximately 480 kilometers ready to send F8 Crusaders jets for air cover. The Captain of the Maddox saw three North Vietnam torpedo gun boats following  him during their clandestine radar and ease-dropping campaign against the North Vietnamese forces communications.

The Maddox fired first from a distance of 10,000 yards over the torpedo boats and they retaliated and launched three torpedoes, of the three, two missed and the other one hit the destroyer, but did not detonate. The Maddox returned fire and severely damaged two of the boats and destroyed the third one, burning, and dead in the water. {US Navy Institute, NSA 2005-2006 Docs}.

I’m starting to see similarities of what’s happening in the South China Sea, in contrast to the Maddox incident; the shot heard around the world, and eventually killed, and maimed over 4 million people probably looking forward to a safe life, whether mundane or prosperous!

Fast forward to 2017!

What’s wrong with this picture, America?

The Ronald Reagan Air Craft Carrier is patrolling the South China Sea with 60-70, F18 Hornets; 100-150 sorties every day. Chinese and Japanese frigates and destroyers are cruising around in close proximity to the Carrier.

Why are the Chinese and Japanese vessels (so-called ally) just a torpedo lob away from our state-of-art Carrier. Why aren’t the frigates and destroyers hugging the coast in East China Sea or the Sea of Japan rather than becoming our personal escorts?

Do they anticipate a triangulation maneuver by “The Donald” knowing the 7th US Naval Fleet is now enroute as our backup?

Are they worried he might take our F18 Hornet’s and bomb the B-Jesus out of North Korea’s “nuke” targets? With all our nuclear missiles, Naval, Air and Military troop superiority, there’s no need to fear: history will not repeat itself with “The Donald” first strike across the bow of North Korea.

Let us all take a deep breath, and remind ourselves, President Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un may just be playing to their base?

Could it be, China and Japan has intel the rest of the civilized world is not aware of; intercepting cyber chatter about Pyongyang’s missile tests, were less of a threat to China and Japan, and more of puffing and thumping of the chest from kid Kim? Whereas, the Chinese and Japanese government may perceive, the Trump Administration (General’s included) do less puffing and thumping and more of an unrestrained shoot from the hip approach.

This scenario makes more sense to the question why United State Asian counterparts are staying close to the Reagan Carrier in the South China Sea? Like jackals, lay in wait, for a chance to take down the prey when it stumbles and falls!


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