Claire’s Poetry


No question?

No forgiveness?

Is that what life wants from you?

To see you suffer?

Will that bring happiness and world peace?

Stop all of our problems?


How does nothing affect everything?


Express yourself

Does your ethnicity express you?

Your race? Your beliefs?


You express yourself.

Your way of living life through ups and downs.

Your control of yourself

No one can express you the way you do.

So understand and express yourself.



Lost, forgotten, confused, alone.

The words don’t bring comfort nor dislike.

They plant themselves on you with no way of stopping them.

Millions of people surround you, but they don’t understand your needs or wants enough to befriend you.

I’ll admit to myself, the world, what I am- I am lost.



Freeing Myself

I am freeing myself from the darkness that over shadowed me for many years.

I have made the choice of freedom and there is no turning back.

I am glad.

Is that what my problem was?

Not allowing anything in or out?

Am I trapped within myself?

Was that my problem all along?

Has happiness set me free?

My answer lies within myself.

The answer being YES!



It has been lifted.

The pain I felt for so long.

Like the weight of the world off my shoulders.

Instead of holding it up,

I’m living in it.

Free from the weight.

I am officially – Lifted.



What makes you different from others?

What is the key difference?

Is there really one?

Are we all copies of each other walking down the same path, scared to take the one that is marked off?

What makes the path so different from the others?

Why is it ostracized, stowed away, blocked off from the others?

How is this path different from our lives?

We follow paths that were already set for us.

Is that the point of hand-me-downs?

To repeat a life that is long gone?

That is moving on?

Why don’t we have a say in this?

I’m going to follow the marked off path.

Isn’t that the point of an odyssey?

Well, I’m about to find out.