Author’s Homeless Rant


Our society (United States) has another problem, homeless – families, singles, and the emotional and mentally challenged persons in the streets, gutters, and alleys. I ask you America when are we going to embrace the down trotted?  How many broken spirits and souls are going to be swept under the robe of democracy and call it justice? Abe Lincoln wanted to save the Republic with the northern Union; Roosevelt saved the “American Dream” with instituting the Social Security, an insurance policy for our senior citizens. Then, the cow boy president (Ronald Reagan) rode to town and laid the foundation and ground work for the Conservative “Right” by striping the labor force (25%+) from our lives, slowly and mechanistic replacing humans with machinery – one massive equipment hardware is the equivalent to several middle-class jobs thus producing higher profits for the Corporations and their cronies of Wall Street. Now Back to the Future, our homeless has grown leaps and bounds over the past 30 years.  Local and national reports homeless numbers are staggering at 100,000+. The down and out and the  poverty income earner wonder if they will have a hot meal not withstanding a warm bed and roof over their head.

I ask the Conservative Right and Blue-dogs Democratic Party in Congress, the House and Senate, are we going to be a nation of haves and have not’s?  President Eisenhower summed it up by comparing the military budget expenditures (Aircraft Carriers and Battle Ships) to the America’s infrastructure to make his point. Just one of these hardware purchases would fund hundreds of miles of good roads, and public schools.   What will it take to turn our humanity efforts around and change the direction this country is heading? Simply, look within yourself and ask what would I do if a member of your family was struggling with similar circumstances? That’s right! You probably say enough is enough and extend a hand to those you love and know. What are we waiting for America?    Now is the time to help those of need.  Some of the organizations with boots on the ground such as Pathway to Housing, Inc., Project HOME, and other local, county, and state sponsored facilities.  Let’s make our cities and states a better place by extending a hand to those that truly need our help. Let’s heed the words of president Ike Eisenhower, paraphrased: “beware of the Military Industrial complex”  infrastructure during the 50’s was 42% of the Gross National Product GNP and has continued and today’s expenditures exceeding 50%.  100 billion from the Department of Defense for the next 10 years would make tremendous strides for a better future in terms of our infrastructure, homeless, and poverty families that could be one of us after an unwanted personal or external catastrophe.

Local update: Orange County homeless residing in their make-shift shelters along the Santa Ana river will be removed by law enforcement from the public easement in its final stage displacing over 400 people on February 13th 2018.