Sam the man: Republican patsy or another John Dean?

Last week, Sam Nunberg said: come on Mueller, “make my day” arrest me and throw me in jail – I’m not complying with your subpoena. Then rambled on about testifying and giving up states evidence on Roger Stone, his mentor!

That was last week, but Monday “Sam the Man” realized all his crazy “Rambo” insane talk was all for not!

He apparently grew “a-pair” and decided not to play “Butch Cassidy” running from the Union Pacific Bolivia posse, and not jump off the cliff.

So does loyalty end at the water’s edge and will “Sam the Man” becomes the Republican’s patsy thrusting a political knife multiple times into the back of the President and all the Presidents men?  Then deliver the fatal blow to the Emperor; that has already lost most of his “Brand” and all of his clothes – naked to the world!

Or will Sam save our scandalous Nation; as John Dean did by giving up the secrets of the Oval Office to Watergate hearings and commission?

This fragile government’s heart and soul was penned by men that believed in the “Rule of Law” and set their idea of freedom “The Declaration of Independence” too carry on our ideals that “all men have certain unalienable rights life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”.  These promises were encapsulated by the final draft of the United States Constitution and ten Amendments, 1791; a fighting chance of the American dream. This breathing document was held up by World Governments as a model and matric their own government could live under!

But sadly today not so much!

So, could Sam the Man, turn the crumbling White House Administration’s “House of Cards” around with his compliance to the Grand Jury subpoena?  This time, Sam, take one for the American people and make another “Rambo” move too clean the swamp and really make America great again?

Or is Sammy just another clog in the wheels of justice in search of the truth for Special Investigator Mueller?

Reportedly, Sam the Man sat down with the grand jury today and gave a fact-filled testimony and answered all the questions without taking the fifth!

John Dean restored the Law profession pride during the Watergate scandal. He was one of our first “whistle blower”, a hero that changed history with the truth; absent of alternative and fake News without the trappings of alleged money laundering and political collusion; saved our democracy and republic for a while until the Supreme Court ruled on {Buckley vs Valeo 1976} corporations contributing to the electoral process debacle !  The Court ruled Campaign spending limits on Federal Elections was unconstitutional.  Thus, the evolution of “bought and paid for” Congress by the hands of corporate and plutocrat lobbyist has eroded the immortal words of Honest Abe Lincoln “government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth”.

Forty-two years later since Buckley/Valeo decision followed by McConnell vs Federal Election Commission, 2003, and the Granddaddy of all: Citizen United vs FEC, 2010 corporations has finally gabbed the golden ring, the lynch-pin of democracy, “personhood”; the same standing as natural born, emancipated, and naturalized citizens.

What have we done America? Is it too late, have we gone too far to dig us out of this constitutional crisis rabbit hole, or should we thank our pretty stars that history usually repeats itself?

And by fait accompli or fiat “Sam the Man” will be Special Investigator Mueller’s sage and not just another clog in the wheels of justice!



The Virginian

Not “Have Gun will Travel” or “Gun Smoke” Matt Dillon, nor the “Rifle Man”! He is one of our “Founders” antagonist that opposed the Ratification of the final draft of the Constitution of the United States- Patrick Henry, of course!

I guess you can say he was a “Southern Gentleman” from Virginia, our first lobbyist and activist for the Southern States; before the Confederacy and National Guard.

Henry feared, and justly so, that the new Constitution would usurp the  southern state’s right to control the slaves with their own mandated white men “Slave Patrols” in order to suppress up-rising of the slaves.

Madison’s drafted these words of the Constitution largely influenced by Jefferson.

Article 1, Section 8 as follows:  “To provide for organizing, arming, and disciplining, the Militia, and governing such Part of them as may be employed in the Service of the United States {Country}, reserving to the States respectively, the Appointment of the Officers, and the Authority of training the Militia according to the discipline prescribed by Congress”.

The Second Amendment to Article 1, Section 8 was ratified December 1791 securing gun rights for all States.  According to the Virginia ratification Convention in 1788, Henry argued for an Amendment to the 1777 U S Constitution ratified by the State of Virginia: Thom Hartmann , Truthout Article, January 15, 2013 and “Throughout the Second Amendment”, The Hartmann Report, June 20, 2016.

Was Henry’s argument, on behave of the Southern States, of the first draft  give more authority of the slaves to the Federal Government and possibly free them; could that be the Catalyst that influenced the second and final draft of the  2nd Amendment?  “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”.  Wamo!

The Founders unwittingly gave the State’s via the Commerce clause the right to free-wheeling firearms trafficking to all Americans – creating a 240-year Republic demagoguery fostered by both political factions and corporations pitted against the United States Constitution,  “Rule of Law”, and subterfuge by the People of the Southern State(s).

America has found its self in a political maize and conundrum with no real way out.

According to talk show host Thom Hartmann, February, 2018 paraphrased: “Congress should repeal the Second Amendment and replace it with new legislation; background check, licensing, and insurance coverage”.

Perhaps establish a National website for all guns, rifles, and semi-automatic firearms.  The Virginian, Patrick Henry, advocated for the Southern States, economy served by slave labor, he would probably be appalled by what has evolved today since the ratification of the Second Amendment breaking down of the “Rule of Law”, militarized law enforcement; a staggering  federal and state gun violent statistics over the past 240 years- maybe not!

The Virginian’s slick activism, duped George Washington and the Virginia Convention, by promising the plantation and land owners and lobbied Madison by demonstrating the Second Amendment will save the South’s share-cropping economy. Henry also appealed to President Washington’s pent up fear the Southern States may secede from the North, so Henry, offered unification as a bargaining chip! Patrick Henry’s brilliant debating skills swayed the Virginia Convention and the rest of the States south of the Mason/Dickson Line to support the Second draft of the Second Amendment.

As Paul Harvey, radio personality during the Eighties Nineties vigorously pronounced “and here’s the rest of the story”!

The Southern-State strategy still holds the lowest wages, per capita, highest in poverty, lowest in academia scores, increase in youth suicides, highest in minority incarcerations, troubling  gang on gang killings, highest in “stand your ground” shootings, and highest in unarmed civilian shootings by law enforcement.

Can we lay the horrendous statistics of gun violence and racism at the feet of America’s first advocate and lobbyist “give liberty or give me death”, Henry?

Remember, Patrick Henry was in the “protection business” of sort! He fought to keep the Slaves on the plantations; after all he was a business man and believed in getting a pound of flesh – for pennies on the dollar!

Thus protecting his investment with slave-patrols and collecting profits on the backs of slave-labor!  Apart from blatant Slavery, racism has literally blended into the American Lexicon with; well spoken, clean-cut, educated White Supremacy running for local, county, and state offices.

America has turned into an (I) not (We) culture; pitting one against the other and holding on to single “wedge” issues: Pro-life Abortion, cut taxes, Marriage; one man, one woman, and protect the 2nd amendment, “the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”.

So in the final analysis; this bumpy “stars and stripes” ride of the, “land of the free and home of the brave” echoed by the immortal words of Patrick Henry “give me Liberty or give me death” a-bit ironic considering; the grim reaper of death has trumped liberty with mass shootings in our schools, and public and private places, and in our streets, the blood and anguish continues to flow, and still no resolve for “Liberty’s sake!


My Valentine!

Happy Valentine day, did you give your favorite love-one a box of chocolates, a large ticket item, or a hug and a squeeze? I know someone that stole our heart, soul, and vote last year, and is ramping up to do it again 2018- that’s right, you guess it, the little brown bear, Putin and his merry men of the Kremlin!

One thing for sure, he seduced, Heir Trump, by stroking his loins: so how do the Russian’s say prostitute; women of the night?

But Trump’s search for real love from women of Moscow – only in Trumps head; is a romantic rump-romp rendezvous in a five star hotel lasting for more than a one-night-stand! This porno liaison was long or short enough for Vladimir Putin and his Hench men to watch a full blown blackmail video while clicking their cognac glasses in salute to the American patsy.

The Kremlin Authoritarian and his inner circle lackeys broke out in infectious laughter belting out “we love this America”!

But Putin didn’t want to share his love for only “The Donald” he decided to build a love cyber propaganda room for the American voters, that flooded fake articles and ads onto YouTube, Instagram, Google, and Facebook and cripple Hillary’s chance to become POTUS 45; he did this for his boy toy, and heart throb; Donald Trump!

Mr. President, here’s my Valentine to you Conrad, and how do you say it, my BFF?

My Brethren and Conrad, I send you this Valentine, how do you say, with love?!

I was there for you when you wanted political and financial support, at any cost! You, in turn, showed me your love by opening up the doors of the Oval Office Whitehouse and Mar-a-Largo to my Kremlin Envoys and lifting all sanctions from POTUS 44, that Kenya born occupant; your words not mind, Ha-ha! Conrad, you got the best words!

I love all of the secret phone calls (eight now but who’s counting), my Valentine. Please forgive me about all of the leaks from the Kremlin. I want to keep all of our calls from anybody’s ears, but yours, my American Valentine.

Please give my Conrad’s Ryan and McConnell a good old fashion  hug and kiss for me and one more for my Russian nation?

Your people and mine also call McConnell, the turtle – but that’s good! We love hot turtle soup on these cold February nights, ha-ha!

You and your leadership have been so supportive and some day you can share all of your FBI, CIA, and Homeland Security secrets with me, and I’m sure I will make it good for you, personally.

Your Valentine, Vladimir Putin



Our society (United States) has another problem, homeless – families, singles, and the emotional and mentally challenged persons in the streets, gutters, and alleys. I ask you America when are we going to embrace the down trotted?  How many broken spirits and souls are going to be swept under the robe of democracy and call it justice? Abe Lincoln wanted to save the Republic with the northern Union; Roosevelt saved the “American Dream” with instituting the Social Security, an insurance policy for our senior citizens. Then, the cow boy, Ronald Reagan rode to town and laid the foundation and ground work for the Conservative “Right” by striping the labor force by more than 25% from our lives, slowly and mechanistic replacing humans with machinery;  one massive equipment hardware is the equivalent to several middle-class jobs  producing higher profits for the Corporations and their cronies on Wall Street. Now Back to the Future, our homeless has grown leaps and bounds over the past 30 years.  Local and national reports homeless numbers are a staggering 100,000+. The down and out and the  poverty income earner wonder if they will have a hot meal not withstanding a warm bed and roof over their head.

I ask the Conservative Right and Blue-dog Democratic Party in Congress, the House and Senate, are we going to be a nation of haves and have not’s?  President Eisenhower summed it up by comparing the military budget expenditures (Aircraft Carriers and Battle Ships) to the America’s infrastructure to make his point. Just one of these hardware purchases would fund hundreds of miles of good roads, and public schools.   What will it take to turn our humanity efforts around and change the direction this country is heading? Simply, look within yourself and ask what would I do if a member of your family was struggling with similar circumstances? That’s right! You probably say enough is enough and extend a hand to those you love and know. What are we waiting for America?    Now is the time to help those of need.  Some of the organizations with boots on the ground such as Pathway to Housing, Inc., Project HOME, and other local, county, and state sponsored facilities.  Let’s make our cities and states a better place by extending a hand to those that truly need our help. Let’s heed the words of president Ike Eisenhower, paraphrased: “beware of the Military Industrial complex”  infrastructure during the 50’s was 42% of the Gross National Product GNP and has continued today with expenditures exceeding 50%.  100 billion from the Department of Defense for the next 10 years would make tremendous strides for a better future in terms of our infrastructure, homeless, and poverty families, that could be one of us, after an unwanted personal or external catastrophe.

Local update: Orange County homeless residing in their make-shift shelters along the Santa Ana river will be removed by law enforcement from the public easement in its final stage displacing over 400 people on February 13th 2018.

Update: Orange County Federal Court Judge (with cooperation with Supervisor Do) ruled to postpone  the Santa Ana River bed Homeless tent camp law enforcement removal until February 20th.  Supervisor Do, will set aside County funds and give 400 hotel beds for 30 days and after those people are pledged 360 beds in Anaheim, Orange, and Santa Ana parking lot tents and shelters.   Judge Carter said he will oversee the Santa River bed homeless camp on the 20th.

What would Lincoln do and say about DACA and all civil Injustice today?

The punishing Civil War took its toll of 600,000 American lives over money and labor. The cotton and grain plantation owners south of the Mason/Dickson line were defiant when pushed to bequest their heritage family slavery charter pasted on by their father’s, father, father of land barons. Abraham Lincoln was ridiculed by his southern brethren on the belief that democracy and slavery was not compatible with American values. After a hard fought unsuccessful campaign for Illinois Senate seat and notable candidate speech that catapulted him into political prominence which earned him the Republican Party bid to become the 16th President of the United States. Lincoln’s political values infuriated the Southern States over their perceived “Right of Slavery” handed down by their ancestry chain. Thus, seven southern states blew up Article 1 sections 8, 9 and 10 of the Constitution with treasonous suffrage when they seceded from the Union and formed the Confederacy.

April 12, 1861, the Confederacy unleashed their arsenal of cannons and fired on, The Union’s, Fort Sumter, which has changed America’s lives for the past 157 years and still counting! Although, Abe Lincoln twisted the arms of the democratic rivals of Congress, with a little help by his three Supreme Court Justice appointments, and 2/3 override vote he managed to pursue legislatures to push across narrowly too unshackle slavery from the bondage of involuntary servitude and giving Congress the power to enforce the legislation.

And friends, that land mark Congressional ruling is a tipping point, a water shed “rule of law” ultimately set in place the pending instrumental law of the fourteen Amendment, Section 1 – “All persons born or naturalized in the United States are Citizens and no State shall abridge privileges or immunity of Citizenship or the due process of law and equal protection”.

So, if Abe childhood was less dysfunctional and more “lais’sez’faire” would the 13th, 14th, and 15th Amendments ever see the light of day?

What would Abe say about our dysfunction body of Government today?  Would he take the “Lion” view and take down the prey of tyranny for the Union or slink into depression realizing it’s larger than one individual can resolve?

In some ways, President Lincoln, was our American “rattle” the first responder of the 19th century – there are not many of those lion heart’s around in the 21st millennium!

Honest Abe would remove the 153 year old Emancipation Proclamation, blow the dust off from it, then stand in the Halls of Congress, and gallantly recite his immoral words: substituting, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals ,DACA for slavery; “All persons held as DACA within any State or designated part of a State, shall be then, thenceforward, and forever, Free; and the Executive Government of the United States, including the military and naval authority thereof, will recognize DACA and maintain the freedom of such persons, and no act or acts to repress such persons, or any of them, in any efforts they may make for their actual freedom”.  This is what a Commander In Chief, a Lion, among leaders would do, for the people the United States- you earned the right as a citizen, in good standing with all that is attached, this day February 12, 2018.

You’re not wrong for the way you voted; the foul was you were lied to!

Some of the longest days have come and gone; leap year, solar eclipse, and the year of the Donald Trump Administration, since his Inaugural, will climatically unfold with another Women’s March, coast to coast from Los Angeles and San Francisco to Capitol Hill plaza mall, eastern seaboard states, and New York City, January 20th 2018.

Could the woos of 2017, the Year of the Rooster under Gemini-man zodiac sign, the leader of the free world, his behavior be influenced by the astrological cosmos?

In many respects the Chinese Year of the Rooster has felt like a Vegas illusion to some and too many; a nightmare dream that jolts us from deep rim-sleep to reality peering into the darkness of a future with Republican’s intended mandated consequences and ratified by the Executive Office Commander In Chief, cut from whole cloth without thought, hope, and promise for an opportunity to garter a middle class life-style for your family.

So, if you happen to be from a “fly-over” or “rust belt” state that went “all in” for the billionaire from Queens, don’t beat yourself up for the picking, the progressive outsider nag, for the POTUS race to the White House!

You’re not wrong for the way you voted. Unfortunately, you were lied to!

If you Elector over forty years of age and still remember the corporate business man outsider from the 1992 Presidential campaign, Ross Perot held the American public “spell bound” for that quench essential moment when he spoke about the North American Free Trade Act NAFTA; “you will hear a giant sucking sound south of the border”. His analogy was simple; by relocating manufacturing to Mexico and utilizing their work force at $1/hour will hurt United States manufacturing and jobs. He also said; when NAFTA sets the standard for free trade and U.S. sends our jobs to other counties that does not support a minimum wage requirements will drive our living wage to the bottom.

This corporate, CEO, understood the good and bad nuances of the trade agreement and over the past 25 years U.S. manufacturers once over 20% shrunk to less than 12%!  Today with the shift of imported goods from China, We, United States accumulated a half a trillion-dollar trade deficit over the past ten years, crippling manufacturing exports coupled with billions borrowed.   China’s low cost goods and products dumping had set the stage for a new Ross Perot-ion Corporate outsider; the unpredictable Donald J. Trump, promising to “make America great again, believe me, I’m going to drain the swamp”.  He not only didn’t drain the swamp of Wall Street corporate carpet baggers and oligarchy bottom dwellers but he added more billionaire carp to the Capital Hill pond!  However, he managed to dismember parts of Obama Care and Environmental protections by Presidential Signing Statements.

After signing the Corporate Welfare Tax Bill into law; making tax cuts permanent for the wealthy meanwhile the middle class tax relief will sunset (expire) after ten years for the rest of us in 2028.

Trump promised us more mining jobs and more mines are closing and 2017 the production of coal has been cut in half from previous years, and 72% of energy companies are switching over to cheaper fossil fuel.

Several trade unions: United Steel Workers of America, Appalachia Power, and American Electric Power are all turning to cleaner energy source of natural gas replacement rather than coal.

America, it wasn’t your fault that you got bamboozled by a billionaire huckster from Queens, the Donald only wanted to increase his brand and do it at the expense of his loyal electoral base – just remember next time , if it looks too good to be true, it usually is!

Grinch stole the heart from America-Ville!

The little Grinch’s of Congress destroyed the fabric of our economy by passage of a regressive tax bill, December 18, 2017!

Their justification, the billionaire class needs billions of dollar tax cuts to build our infrastructure and provide good paying jobs for the middle class!

But to do this, they wrote into the Tax “scam” bill, language gutting Obama’s Health Care individual mandate across the board likely increase premiums by 10% annually.

Apart from removing the individual mandate, the insurance company and big Pharma still deliver their own annual increases on drugs for the elderly and low income wage earners at a rate of 10-20%.

Is the GOP cabal, the Grinch spoilers, that sole this joyful season from the hands of the neediest; Obama health care mandates being the few affordable life-lines available to them – set forth in the Declaration of Independence “certain unalienable Rights that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”. The right for good medical health care surely qualifies for our founder vision of the unanimous Declaration of the thirteen United States of America?

The dismal Tax scam the Republican’s gifted this holiday season ripping off the safety net of the most vulnerable – the 99 percenters!

So America, they have “place-kicked” our economy into the “red zone” with feeble cutting and slashing Tax bill; meant to rake in trillions (roughly 3.5 over 10 years) of hardworking “sweat and tears” dollars, on the backs of the middle class, and families earning less than $30,000, annually. While adding 1.5 trillion to our budget will the GOP Grinch’s come back next January and claim the deficit needs to be trimmed?

Will the political Grinch Representative’s raid the solvent Social Security fund and repeal ACA (Obama Care) by paying down our debt, they created by passage of their billionaire and corporate tax bill for the very wealthy when the holiday killing Congress returns January 4th ?

Eight of ten Americans qualify for Obama Care and an average cost is less than $70/per month for a family of three!

What will it take to turn the Grinch’s of Xmas to feel empathy for all Americans and not just their corporate puppet masters?

Fix their small hearts with compassion?  Shame them,

or how about hugging a homeless child?

A hug worked for the Grinch in the movie!

That’s it, lets us all call our Republican representatives and ask them to hug a homeless child before they resume Congress next year!

Maybe, that will keep them from further destroying our progressive social fabric found in the affordable health care mandate by the ACA Affordable Care Act, 2010?

Today, December 22, 2017, “will go down in infinity”; our authoritarian President Trump just ratified the most regressive Tax bill since Calvin Coolidge during the “Roaring Twenties” that set the stage for hyperinflation and 1929 stock market crash followed by the Great Depression of the 1930’s!

Seemingly, the tax gouging on Wall Street doesn’t stop!

The Grinch’s of Congress teamed up with the Scrooges of Wall Street with help from their Republican Executive Offices of Harding and Coolidge Administrations.

The promise to “drain the swamp” montage is not new, it started with the Wall Street crony’s close to a century ago.

Redistributing the wealth to the plutocrats, oligarchy, and Wall Street “puppet masters” of Congress, is alive and kicking and on steroids delivering the worst Tax Bill in American history under the tutelage of the vindictive Republican Administration and “the do nothing Congress” that frankly has only one higher power; the almighty dollar.

With their attitude, I got mine, mind; the rest of the constituency “noise” can piss up a rope!

As President George W. Bush said one fine day “you can fool me once, can’t fool me again”.

Well America, we got fooled again, by The Donald, and by the Academy Award winning do nothing GOP Congress, with little help from conservative prime time Media.

We were all oblivious extras in a real time “Shakespearean” Othello-like play, we Americans taking the sword by Trump and the 2017 Congress, but its not fatal, they will let us live the rest of our lives in pain!

Let us shut are eyes, and fantasize we are with Saint Nicolas (Santa) having a great holiday dinner with all of his helpers and friends singing Bing Crosby and Mariah Carey Christmas songs.

And forget for a while the Congressional Grinch’s sole the heart from America-Ville!

Puerto Rico for the Taking

We have another crisis brewing similar to the billionaire and multi-millionaire take over during the 40’s and 50’s!

President Batista, Dictator of the little Island, commonly known as “Cuba”.

His regime was essentially funded by the U.S. Mafioso’s, and Havana became the world gambling haven for the very wealthy.

Fast forward 62 years!

Another Island take over by wealthy Oligarchy and American Capitalist possibly sponsored by the highest office of our land and crony billionaire’ opportunist have their sights on millions of ocean-front property ripe for the picking, pennies on the dollar; the purchase of Puerto Rico (US commonwealth) on the cheap!

This United States Province, tried several times to become part of our US statehood!  But, Congress saw Puerto Rico as an economic and financial disability; like a heavy weight round tax payer’s necks – so they denied statehood!

Then, by fate, hurricane Maria caused mass destruction along the coastal region and opened up a colossus opportunity for the world billionaires legally obfuscate as much prime property they want and turn a little Island into another “High Dollar” haven for the 21st century capitalist.

Billionaire’s win and Puerto Ricans lose!

But wait, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren proposed $146 Billion to use for restoration and rebuilding Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands under the Marshall Plan. Senator Warren said “the vulture funds ($76 billion debt) should not get one cent of ($146 Billion) from the island”.

So, why isn’t the Republican controlled Congress interested in attaching a multi-billion dollar provision in helping our Caribbean citizens recapture their day to day lives again due to the devastation by Maria?

Simply, the GOP leadership; manipulated by the puppet masters, Oligarchy corporatist saw a fate-given opportunity to purchase millions of acres of shore-front real estate.

So, is the Puerto Rico Island the new Caribbean bastion playground for the American wealthy and world capitalist? Separating the chaff from the rye; continuing as a third-world economy, the haves and the haves nots!

Carmen Cruz, Mayor of San Juan along with delegation from the United States (all Democrats; Sanders, Warren, Harris, Markey, Blumenthal, Plaskett, Velazquez, and Soto) are supporting the Sander’s bill too distribute funds from the Marshall Plan also known as European Recovery Program.

Currently, the Plan has $135 billion as of September, 2017 ear-marked to rebuild economies!

The Democratic sponsored leadership headed by Bernie Sanders would like to use the funds to help our citizens of the United States; Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands!

After all, this is a humanitarian issue, The Donald, should embrace it because he constantly repeats, he is for the little guy!

Then, The Donald could vindicate himself from his own cavalier emotionless grand standing approach flipping paper towels into a crowd of church parishioners, like: Chev Chase “Vacation Lampoon’s” Grand Canyon nod!

Prior to these defacing and condescending antics by Commander In Chief, he visited Muniz Air National Guard base brief stop and quickly left behind his disaster relief delegation with Mayor Cruz and Governor Rossellos’ assembly to take care of the crisis negotiations

So, will the humanity forces of fairness and goodwill trump greed, corporate profits and selfishness? Or will we eventually witness high-rise luxury hotels and condos densely crowning the ocean front beach of North Atlantic and Caribbean Sea?

Or will the Bernie Reconstruction Revolution succeed with a new beginning for 3.4 million Puerto Ricans to live another day with Puerto Rico’s rich history, lay in the balance, as United States citizens, under the Jones Act, 1917.

Today, the future of Puerto Rico rest in the hands of DC Politian’s along the Potomac River. In the words of Patrick Henry “Now is the time for all good men come to the aid of their party” It seems, the GOP Grand Old Party has been walking lock-step in those shoes for more than 200 years!

But, “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country” by Charles E. Weller, this phase is more appropriate, today, than a word typing drill; by fulfilling our American promise to the citizenry of the United States within the Rule of Law of the Constitution.


Star Spangled Bangle

Star Spangled Bangle

Francis Scott Key, ghost of Independent Day’s Past, would he craw back in his grave after witnessing the condition of the State of the Union; the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave? The sparkle of the spangle has lost its glitter and the banner has morphed into a rigid ornament bangle anklet tied to a tether of our day to day mundane existence of many- trying to eke out the American Dream, that is often referred to as unalienable Rights “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness”; and justice for all !  How has that worked out for us?

Presidents’ over the past 240 years gave cute, warm, and fussy terms for the American Dream: “thousand points of light” or how about this catchy crowd stopper “shinning city on the hill”; you guess it – Daddy Bush, 41, and the “great communicator” himself – Ronny Reagan!

There were a couple of Commander In Chief’s actually believed that our government of men derived their just powers in order to secure these Rights granted by the consent of the governed- People of the United States!

The “New Deal” driven by the leadership of Franklin Roosevelt – instrumental in developing domestic programs for the People and by the people of government “in his charge” and slowly removed the strife of the “Great Depression” of the 30’s instituting Social Security (SSI) an insurance policy for Seniors, Federal Public Works Administration Program PWA, building infrastructure- parks, highways, roads, and buildings.

The “Great Society” mandated by Lyndon Johnson, minority’s great white hope finally releasing African-American’s from the scourge of the 50tys, 60tys and Bull Conner, killer German Sheppard’s, and fire hose humiliation suppression of the “deep South”.

Pres. Johnson passed the 1964-65 Civil and Voting Rights Acts, and followed by the Fair Housing Act in 1968. Also, He signed into law Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, and Head Start- warm breakfast and lunch for millions of in poverty stricken families.

In 1960, several years prior to the monumental signing of Civil Rights Acts, 34 students defiantly took a stand by refusing to leave an all-white segregated dining facility (lunch counter) in downtown Richmond, Virginia, and were arrested for trespassing. The Richmond 34 conviction was overturned in 1963 by the Supreme Court – Who knew! The Supremes’ must have checked the pulse of the Country and obviously wanted to get on the right side of history; or the progressive Left?

Francis Key’s ghost may look at the evolution of the great American experiment with all of its flaws (do nothing Congress, still suppression of the vote; 36 states wrote and passed Jim Crow-type legislation and signed into law), and Media hype and foibles fed by, The Donald, to his “ poorly educated base”. The state of affair of our political system would be too goulash for even  ghost of Scott Key!

So what would the translucent Key’s last stanza lyrics encapsulate while watching the burst of colorful 4th of July fireworks cascade the spirit of Hope across the Baltimore Harbor sky or mourning the losses of the veterans of war and active combat troops in the middle-east?  Would his words and melody be tempered trepidation of the future or still maintain a phonetic lilt of combined harmony and lyrics, and patriotic theme?

I want to believe there are better days ahead of us and not just a spangled ornament symbol, the Flag, we base our American Dream on, don’t you?

Today, we mourn the loss; celebrate our active duty, and veterans that put their lives on the line for the stars and stripes. Will Francis Scott Key’s last stanza (“Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation then conquer we must, when our cause it is just, And this be our motto- “In God is our trust” And the star – spangled banner in triumph shall wave O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave!”)  be our mantra for generations to come?

Or is there still a chance, as Americans, too write a new stanza in the praise of our Nation’s symbol of Stars and Stripes: Where our nation revers hope and trust in our leadership role too bring forth the goodness our country stands for to keep truth a-waving; for the land of the free and the home of the brave?



2 Timothy 4:2-4

“ For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their desires, and will turn away their ears from the truth and will turn aside to myths”.

Fables were written to tickle our ears and convey a story of human personality traits by the words and actions of fictional characters brought to life through Bible verses and Aesop fabulist.

Philippians’ 2:3 “do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind one another as more important than yourselves”.

Luke 6:30, “treat others the same way you want them to treat you”, 22:26 “the one who is the greatest among you must become like the youngest and the leader like the servant”.

Have we become a village, a nation, a global society trapped in a psychological stew of myths, fables, and fairytales to tickle our ears, to avoid the truth of mediocracy of life’s existence?

The Apostolicism chose the word of God to convey a belief of hope for eternal salvation through bible passages that rendered logic and reason for his flock.

Greek fabulist stories and Westernization of the human culture with twenty-first century digital devices has enabled childhood fantasy escape for every man, women, and adultescence, for the better or worse.

Are we stuck between two barrier walls: fantasy and reality?

Has a neuroses of thought distinguished what is fake verse real and distorted our rational mind with confusion, followed by paralyzes, not knowing which way to turn, and how to make an intelligent judgement call?

With the lack of sound judgement, could we be prey upon our personality disorders; Narcissism, Pathological Disorders, Stockholm and Authoritarian Syndromes?

Apparently, the Disney Corporation thinks so, feebly, raking in billions with a strata cluster of animated fables, from Cinderella to the Beauty and the Beast.

Well, this Halloween 2017, it seems we are victims of Stockholm syndrome by our Commander In Chief, the Donald! Initially, Trump created a feeling of hope for the fable loving Americans with the belief that the wall of reality separates the good from the bad, the real from the fake; a fantasy, a mythical childhood escape, continues all along.

The psychological appeal for an authoritarian bully, The Donald, has firmly established a populous of Stockholm victims, consisting of approximately 50% of the electorate.

This spawned Filomena was ripe for the picking and the Donald’s campaign shamelessly exploited the vulnerable in order to covet the Office of the Presidency!

Trumps symptoms are paramount to Beauty and the Beast story: Gaston with his self-center, narcissistic grandeur coupled with the taming the Beast’s authoritarian bully often something lacking; not good enough or doesn’t size up to daddy’s persona, an emptiness inside causing The Donald to lash out and hold his base captive with an endless flow of propaganda rhetoric!

Or does he have the Pinocchio syndrome, a classic “childhoods conduct disorder” an anti-social personality disorder?

Or is he a pathological liar and can’t help himself by diverting this impulsive behavior?

As Luke cited, Jesus’s words in the Holy Bible, “treat others the same way you want them to treat you”!

For those sensible fable lovers and love of the written word, keep tickling your ears!